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Find your new employee via Vindazo

Vindazo is a website and mediator between employers and employees. When there is a job in your business that you would like to see, we can help you in the short term to find and recruit the most suitable candidate. Our consultants have extensive experience and provide professional guidance and support throughout the entire course.

Customized recruitment and recruitment

To make it easier for you as employer, the contacts between you and Vindazo always go through a fixed contact point. By constantly using one and the same contact, you can assume that your goal is being taken into account. Indeed, Vindazo's employee knows your company and knows what qualities and capacities candidates should report on a job. In consultation with you, you will also determine what services and products best meet your company's goals. Our job specialist will guide and advise you carefully throughout the campaign.

Method of Vindazo at Job Campaign

After you have logged in one or more jobs at Vindazo, we will start a campaign as soon as possible. The available jobs will be published within 24 hours on our website, after which we will closely monitor the results of the job campaign. To increase the efficiency of your efforts and our efforts, our listing specialists are closely involved in implementing the campaign. This ensures that the layout, structure and categorization of each job is checked and adjusted where necessary. Vindazo quality consultants are at your service every day to advise you and answer your questions.

Direct view of results

Thanks to Vindazo, the jobs you offer are often quickly fulfilled. In addition, you keep the overview throughout the process. For example, your personal space on our platform allows you to track and manage your job campaign at any time of the day. Here you can also find candidates who have registered for a function, while the profiles that have raised your interest while searching in our clear database are kept. Of course, your intermediary at Vindazo remains in contact with you during the recruitment process. Together with you, the results are analyzed and the effect of possible adjustments is discussed. Through this proactive, purposeful and attentive institution, Vindazo is always 100% at your service.