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Vindazo finds it important that you find the right candidates for your outstanding jobs. Do you place your job on our website with 70,000 active job seekers.

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Vindazo finds it important that the right candidates find the right jobs. To ensure that the right candidates are attracted to your job, we conduct various marketing campaigns for an influx of qualitative candidates, we invest in campaigns on the internet that are specifically aimed at our and your target audience, and we use various specific job sites and partnerships. These specific job sites and online partnerships focus on specific audiences, so that a targeted stream of qualitative job seekers can be attracted to our website.

Ale jobs placed on Vindazo stay for at least thirty days online. During these thirty days, jobs are promoted to relevant channels, social media networks and partner sites. And because the posted job is sent to a suitable selection of over 655,000 subscribers one day after publication at Vindazo, and placed on the smartphone application, you are sure that your job gets a lot of attention.

Do you need advice regarding your online job? Then contact your personal Vindazo Quality Consultant by sending an email or calling a call. Your Vindazo Quality Consultant not only wants tips to improve your results, but will also check the online jobs regularly to keep you informed of the progress of the search for a suitable candidate.

You stay in control

Vindazo considers it important that customers always stay in control, as you know your business best and you know your recruitment needs better than anyone else. In order to ensure that you are always in control and that you always have a positive influence on your recruitment, Vindazo will have access to your personal space on our website 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This personal space can be used to track your results and to adjust your campaigns by, for example, adjusting the criteria or text of your jobs.

Choose for automation

Want to create a larger range by posting your job to your own company website or another website on the Internet? Then use external URL: a user-friendly system between your own website system and Vindazo database. With the external URL interface, you've placed your jobs in a few seconds on websites of your choice for an even greater range.